We’re being tested. To learn to be more like GOD! To learn how to show/have feelings. We’ve learned Love AND Loss in our lives through losing children and parents and just family in general. Think about what the Bible tells US. GOD basically lost A LOT of HIS family with the fallen Angels. Lucifer was once the “Light-Bearer” or “Bringer of Light”, so he was in High Counsel at one time. After he and the “Fallen” left Heaven, that opened up a whole new dimension of Space and Time. AS IT IS ABOVE, SO IT IS BELOW. What’s already happened in Heaven is now happening on Earth. This life is a reflection of what’s happening/happened ABOVE. And now it’s about to happen here in the WORLDY (Physical) REALM. Now we’re rising above the Angels because we understand more about “feelings” than the Angels did…  The Bible tells us that the Angels Obeyed  God. They understood Good and Bad, but they didn’t have the spectrum of feelings that we’ve learned through the “Hard Knocks” of Life. Was that out of fear (Old Testament)? They didn’t have the capacity to understand emotions like we do today. GOD sent Christ as a teacher. To show US how to live. Like “Him”, Christ. Be humble and be a servant to our Brothers and Sisters. The Bible tells us that we’ll be Above the Angels. That’s why the war broke out between Heaven and Hell. Fallen Angels and all. I know it’s hard to wrap our heads around but you have to believe WE ARE ETERNAL SOULS! We just don’t remember our pasts. We all need to choose which side we’re on. Good or Evil.

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