Trending Times…

Look at the current trends…

The Bible tells us that things will “No longer make sense” in the “End Times”…

Yes, that’s true for our relatives too. You’re/Our parents and Grandparents don’t understand US either! Every generation deals with that. They have the Ideology that they know best… AND THEY DO! For their generation, they do…

When do they, or US as parents, finally realize that? We were kids and rebellious at their age. We thought we could change the world! We didn’t want to listen to authority. WE KNEW BETTER THAN THEM! It’s the cycle of life. AND, in fact, wouldn’t life be stagnant if we didn’t have NEW and FRESH ideas from people like Einstein, Tesla, Gandhi or other revolutionaries? We’d still be stuck in the early ages of mankind, like so many other 3rd world countries are today…

3 thoughts on “Trending Times…”

  1. Great analogy, we are meant to advance in learning and not be stagnant in our learning. And each generation advances at it’s own pace and then the next generation takes over and leads us to new heights. Although the older generation doesn’t understand it, it is because we weren’t meant to, we are to let go and let the new ideas take hold and take us to places our knowledge couldn’t even fathom. That is progression.

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    1. Thank you! And that’s EXACTLY right. We started with Adam and Eve. They didn’t know anything about computers, yet here we are in THIS day and age…


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