The meaning of life…

Why are we here?

This life is a gift and a curse. When “The Event” happened where GOD cast out the evil from Heaven (The fallen Angels) “Big Bang”. HE spread HIS seed (US) across the universe. The BIG BANG that scientists talk about. They’re looking for the “GOD” particle through the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) but they can’t see the forest for the trees… They’re soo close to the truth, but they can’t accept GOD. That “Explosion” when GOD put down his foot and said “ENOUGH”!, caused that separation from each other. Now it’s time to bring US all back together… UNITED! People are starting to WAKE UP!

We’re living this life to be tested. We’re GOD’s children in training… You and I are Brothers and Sisters in Christ. The more we can resemble Christ, the closer we become. Don’t get me wrong here…

You can ask anyone I grew up with, I’m no saint! I’ve gone through my share of suffering and pain. That’s what it takes to become a BIGGER, BETTER, FASTER, STRONGER version of ourselves. I was weak when I was younger but this life has made me MUCH more stronger! I used to be shy (and still am sometimes) but I’m no longer afraid to act and speak my/GOD’s truth. We started as us version 1.0. Now we’re becoming US, version 2.0! We were made to be ABOVE the Angels. The fallen one’s and the one’s on our side.

I think we’re here to learn from each other and to teach each other. We learn love and hate from each other. Take the good and leave the bad. We all have good and evil in us. Sometimes the good wins, sometimes the evil wins. Which one do you feed?

I think GOD put US here to test us. Think about it. In the end, ONLY YOU will be held accountable for your actions in this life. This life will bring the true YOU out! And that’s how you’ll be judged. Again, I’m no saint. BUT, you don’t have to be! Accept GOD and Christ and you’re going to Heaven with the rest of us. Everyone should be the BEST they can be and that’s a personal journey for everyone. This is about a Personal Journey and Personal Relationship with GOD/Christ anyway…

So, in this life test, who will YOU worship? Buddha, Muslim’s version of god, or some other god? The bible says “Worship NO other GOD before me”. That statement, in itself, says that there are other gods. Pick one! Just don’t pick the wrong one…

14 thoughts on “The meaning of life…”

      1. O, you may want to word that differently, because that’s what it sounds like. Sometimes we tend to write and assume everyone will understand it how it’s written. Sometimes I have the same problem.

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    1. Nope, I merely meant that by us living this human life, we’re learning to be more like GOD ourselves. Nowhere close to perfect though, just learning as we go. 1 step at a time… Through this life we’re learning suffering, pain, patience, etc though.

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    2. ok, as soon as I posted that, I got the “Reply->” option. Weird. So, as I said above… “For some reason, I can’t reply to your latest comment so I need to post it here… Please tell me where the wording is that made you think that…”

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    1. This goes along with my last reply. This life is a test for all of us. Each battle and suffering that we go through, makes us “bigger, better, stronger, faster” versions of ourselves. Whatever doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger right?

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  1. I know… But that’s what this Blog is about. Asking questions and having discussions to bring everyone to GOD and Christ… It’s also about interpreting what the Bible is trying to tell/show us. You can read the Bible at face value and it will apply to you and ONLY you as you read it… Jesus spoke in Parables to speak to the masses (Like the Bible) so that everyone could relate it to their own lives and it will always be relevant for anyone/everyone.

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    1. ok, I agree with what you’re saying but there IS CODE written in the Bible and throughout all of our HISTORY (Do you think HISTORY was a mistakenly written word or do you think it means HIS Story?”) Anyway, nothing is by accident! As it is above, so it is below… All of the scholars are trying to “interpret” it. I know nobody knows exactly because that’s what keeps us all seeking The Truth even more. WE WANT ANSWERS TO LIFE’S QUESTIONS… And I believe people are waking up to that.

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