What’s NEXT?

Well, the Bible tells us that there’s REST. We receive “New Bodies”. I believe that there will be a “Party” in Heaven. We will rejoice and I think that “Party’ will include wine and spirits. GOD/Christ drank wine and told us just to keep it in moderation…

Now, the US is including marijuana. It’s mind expanding (Mild compared to other hallucinogens). But it opens your mind to other possibilities. I know this sounds like it’s from the 60’s or 70’s but think about how the culture was back then. Isn’t that proof that the Incans and Mayans may have been tapping into another “Reality”? While they were about “Blood Sacrifice”, which is evil, they were able to talk to “Spirits”. They were evil because of the “Blood Sacrifice” and what that means, but they were able to communicate with them.

Noah communicated with GOD and received the 10 commandments. We’ve been able to talk to “the god’s” since Christ Ascended to Heaven and placed a veil over us. GOD and Christ tell us that THEY are the TRUTH, THE LIGHT and THE WAY. We’re fighting a war between Good and Evil. GOD is GOOD and Satan is EVIL.

17 thoughts on “What’s NEXT?”

    1. Hi Joy, the main point is that REST is waiting for us on the other side. Is there a particular question that you have or should I restate something differently? Thank you!


    1. Hello Joy, Which one would you like? 😉
      Our present body is only a “tent” which we will put aside. 2 Cor 5:1-3, 2 Pet 1:13-14
      God, through Christ, will deliver us from this present “body of death” (which is the sinful nature). Rom 7:20-25
      God has prepared us for the purpose of being clothed with our heavenly body. 2 Cor 5:4-5
      Although we do not know exactly what our new bodies will be like, we know that they will be like Jesus. 1 John 3:2-3

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      1. Sorry, wasn’t finished.so…I learnsd after an intensive learning course, that you must back up what you say. Otherwise it’s someone’s word against someone else’s word.


      2. Sorry, wasn’t finished.so…I learned after an intensive learning course, that you must back up what you say. Otherwise it’s someone’s word against someone else’s word.

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      3. And I do plan to. Everyone has a starting point. I appreciate your comments and I expect “people like you” lol, no offence! To call me on everything. I’m not a priest… I’m just trying to get people talking about our LORD AND CHRIST. Whatever it takes… I’d love if you’d keep moderating what I post. It’s excellent feedback!

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      1. Festive maybe, It is good to think about what it would be like, but we must be careful what we believe.
        We don’t want to add or take away from the Bible. And be careful about stating your ideas as truth or you will lead many astray.

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  1. I don’t understand the “reality” or ” blood sacrifice” point your trying to make. Pagans are known to speak with spirits, but they are to DEMONS.


  2. What 15 commandments???
    As the Bible says, there are ten commandments on stone tablets that Moses broke. Then he went up to the mountain again and YAHWEH made them again.
    What other five do you mean?


  3. No offense, bit you said “I think” a few times. Isn’t it more important what Yahweh (God) thinks then what we think??? After all, He made everything, which means He made the truth. As you said, what can go against Him.


  4. Well, that’s why this is about starting a discussion. Bible Scholars have worked tirelessly on trying to “interpret” the Bible. And everyone is looking for answers. I didn’t say I have all of the answers, I just want to start an open discussion and welcome people into Heaven. To try to be another Shepherd for GOD and HIS truth…


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