It’s all about perception…

Are you looking at this from a child’s perspective?

In this NEW day and age, I believe people (Millennials, if that works better)  are looking for other ways to worship HIM. I assume (and that’s not always fair) that you’re watching the news and everything going on around you or you wouldn’t be informed. I see that they’re congregating and working out the Truth for themselves. They’re no longer looking for the church experience because too many of them are being ran like businesses instead of GOD’s temples. (The Millennials) are disenchanted with the structural division. I believe people want and NEED to know the TRUTH and they’re seeking it! Through other means… Here’s a great link to exactly what I’m talking about! If you’ve ever listened to Pastor Francis Chan, You’ll respect what he has to say and know that he knows how to DELIVER the TRUTH! 

They’re proving that you don’t need to show up with a “Shirt and Tie” to show respect for GOD and Christ. JUST SHOW UP and worship HIM and His son! He loves us! Just love them back. Isn’t that what every parent wants from their children? If you think you would sacrifice for YOUR children, IMAGINE what GOD can/will do for HIS children (US).

GOD tells us to come to him as children. Are we? Or are we coming to the table thinking that we already know everything? GOD sent Christ to show us that we don’t know everything and that we need to learn and obey HIS laws. He states over and over that we are HIS children. Doesn’t that stand to reason that we should approach HIM as HIS children? Be respectful and treat HIM BETTER than you would your worldly parents?

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