What are your thoughts on Marijuana?

You see where we’re going with this. America (and other countries) treat it like beer!

We’ve come a LONG WAY… We used to treat it like it was “The Devil’s Drug”, but didn’t we treat beer and alcohol the same way during prohibition? There was a lot of hype around “Reefer Madness” like in 1936 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reefer_Madness) and that says a lot about our ignorance from the past. There are a lot of uses for it. Hemp can make rope and paper and can be grown VERY quickly and it’s sustainable, so we could at least take part of the strain off of our forests… There are a LOT of medicinal uses that can’t be verified until BIG PHARMA can prove that it’s NOT harmful. Irony, at it’s best!

Beer/Wine/Shots have been proven to be harmful to kidneys and cause all kinds of damage to the body. Everything in moderation, works best. Tylenol, Advil are all over-the-counter drugs. Look at their possible side-effects… Those are drugs that some of us take every day for pain! BIG PHARMA puts out drugs that cause all kinds of side-effects. Listen closely to the ads and the final part of their commercials…

Let’s be honest here… There are fewer side-effects with marijuana than most medicines. America is starting to legalize it because they’re seeing the benefits before BIG PHARMA does. AND, besides the occasional person that “didn’t inhale”. The proof is in the poles and how many states are starting to approve it!

I definitely believe in Christianity and God and I believe that GOD put that “plant” on this earth to help US. Not harm us. It has too many medicinal values. I’d like to ask you how many of you drink beer, drink wine, take a shot now-and-then, or smoke pot.

Would you answer honestly? Let’s talk about it… 

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