Where I’m coming from and where I see us going…

Where do you think we “originated” from?

Do you think that we just “appeared” here, or do you believe in Darwinism (Evolution)? OR, do you believe that this world and the universe is divinely written by GOD and that everything has a reason? That nothing happens by chance or by accident. We’re all woven into the fabric that IS GOD. Every one of our lives have come into contact and touched someone else in a way that we can’t even comprehend, until they tell their story to someone else. Then it becomes their TRUTH.

We need to keep reaching out to each other and having conversations with each other.

Where did we come from and where are we going? AND, why are we here? Isn’t that what we ask ourselves every day? The Bible tells us all of that and more. We just don’t know how to translate it yet. We need to learn from each other. We all carry a “piece” of the truth because we are all just 1 piece! If you put us all together, we would be GOD. He divided himself and created US (Like Adam and Eve). Think about it from a different perspective. If YOU were to divide yourself into trillions of pieces, each one of us are just “pieces” of a BIGGER puzzle. GOD!

Imagine that your body is GOD’s body. We have cells within our bodies. What if we ARE the cells in GOD’s body?  AS IT IS ABOVE, SO IT IS BELOW… Who’s to say that we’re not the good guys (Blood cells/Believers), fighting off the evil (Satan/Infection) in GOD’s body?

We’re supposed to love each other and that’s a given! GOD sent Christ to show us that and told us that LOVE is the Greatest of all of these things. Which side are you on!?

Do you believe that we came from Heaven and so we’ll return to Heaven? (Home)

What’s your definition of Heaven? (Next Blog)

This is ALL about perspective and meant to start a conversation, not an argument.

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