When does LIFE begin?

I imagine a firstborn baby comes into this life. We just came from heaven and now we’re here. During birth when GOD takes our little souls and plants them into these NEW BODIES and we’re screaming at that moment, saying “GOD!, Please take me home! I don’t belong here!”… But, we can’t speak intelligently, until about 5 years old, so we have to settle into the lives that HE gave us. Whatever family that we’re thrown into. We all need to go through this thing called “Life”, to blend in with the rest of humanity and learn how to become better versions of ourselves. More “Like GOD” and in HIS image. Like it is in Heaven, so it is on Earth. This is a Learning Stage, just like us going to school down here.

I know it’s trying to Interpret the Bible but isn’t that why we have the Bible? So we can all try to interpret it? Isn’t that what scholars have been doing for all of these Millenia? Decode the Bible so that we can understand the TRUTH? If it’s True in the Bible, it MUST be True here! It just needs to be understood and interpreted.

Look at all of the people throughout the world that are seeking the TRUTH and coming up with their own conclusions. Can you trust them? Can you trust me? Don’t just take MY word for it. That’s why we need to discuss it.

All we can do is START A CONVERSATION! TOGETHER! The more minds that are working together, the better!

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