When does LIFE begin?

I imagine a firstborn baby comes into this life. We just came from heaven and now we’re here. During birth when GOD takes our little souls and plants them into these NEW BODIES and we’re screaming at that moment, saying “GOD!, Please take me home! I don’t belong here!”… But, we can’t speak intelligently, until about 5 years old, so we have to settle into the lives that HE gave us. Whatever family that we’re thrown into. We all need to go through this thing called “Life”, to blend in with the rest of humanity and learn how to become better versions of ourselves. More “Like GOD” and in HIS image. Like it is in Heaven, so it is on Earth. This is a Learning Stage, just like us going to school down here.

I know it’s trying to Interpret the Bible but isn’t that why we have the Bible? So we can all try to interpret it? Isn’t that what scholars have been doing for all of these Millenia? Decode the Bible so that we can understand the TRUTH? If it’s True in the Bible, it MUST be True here! It just needs to be understood and interpreted.

Look at all of the people throughout the world that are seeking the TRUTH and coming up with their own conclusions. Can you trust them? Can you trust me? Don’t just take MY word for it. That’s why we need to discuss it.

All we can do is START A CONVERSATION! TOGETHER! The more minds that are working together, the better!

What are your thoughts on Marijuana?

You see where we’re going with this. America (and other countries) treat it like beer!

We’ve come a LONG WAY… We used to treat it like it was “The Devil’s Drug”, but didn’t we treat beer and alcohol the same way during prohibition? There was a lot of hype around “Reefer Madness” like in 1936 ( and that says a lot about our ignorance from the past. There are a lot of uses for it. Hemp can make rope and paper and can be grown VERY quickly and it’s sustainable, so we could at least take part of the strain off of our forests… There are a LOT of medicinal uses that can’t be verified until BIG PHARMA can prove that it’s NOT harmful. Irony, at it’s best!

Beer/Wine/Shots have been proven to be harmful to kidneys and cause all kinds of damage to the body. Everything in moderation, works best. Tylenol, Advil are all over-the-counter drugs. Look at their possible side-effects… Those are drugs that some of us take every day for pain! BIG PHARMA puts out drugs that cause all kinds of side-effects. Listen closely to the ads and the final part of their commercials…

Let’s be honest here… There are fewer side-effects with marijuana than most medicines. America is starting to legalize it because they’re seeing the benefits before BIG PHARMA does. AND, besides the occasional person that “didn’t inhale”. The proof is in the poles and how many states are starting to approve it!

I definitely believe in Christianity and God and I believe that GOD put that “plant” on this earth to help US. Not harm us. It has too many medicinal values. I’d like to ask you how many of you drink beer, drink wine, take a shot now-and-then, or smoke pot.

Would you answer honestly? Let’s talk about it… 

Where I’m coming from and where I see us going…

Where do you think we “originated” from?

Do you think that we just “appeared” here, or do you believe in Darwinism (Evolution)? OR, do you believe that this world and the universe is divinely written by GOD and that everything has a reason? That nothing happens by chance or by accident. We’re all woven into the fabric that IS GOD. Every one of our lives have come into contact and touched someone else in a way that we can’t even comprehend, until they tell their story to someone else. Then it becomes their TRUTH.

We need to keep reaching out to each other and having conversations with each other.

Where did we come from and where are we going? AND, why are we here? Isn’t that what we ask ourselves every day? The Bible tells us all of that and more. We just don’t know how to translate it yet. We need to learn from each other. We all carry a “piece” of the truth because we are all just 1 piece! If you put us all together, we would be GOD. He divided himself and created US (Like Adam and Eve). Think about it from a different perspective. If YOU were to divide yourself into trillions of pieces, each one of us are just “pieces” of a BIGGER puzzle. GOD!

Imagine that your body is GOD’s body. We have cells within our bodies. What if we ARE the cells in GOD’s body?  AS IT IS ABOVE, SO IT IS BELOW… Who’s to say that we’re not the good guys (Blood cells/Believers), fighting off the evil (Satan/Infection) in GOD’s body?

We’re supposed to love each other and that’s a given! GOD sent Christ to show us that and told us that LOVE is the Greatest of all of these things. Which side are you on!?

Do you believe that we came from Heaven and so we’ll return to Heaven? (Home)

What’s your definition of Heaven? (Next Blog)

This is ALL about perspective and meant to start a conversation, not an argument.

It’s all about perception…

Are you looking at this from a child’s perspective?

In this NEW day and age, I believe people (Millennials, if that works better)  are looking for other ways to worship HIM. I assume (and that’s not always fair) that you’re watching the news and everything going on around you or you wouldn’t be informed. I see that they’re congregating and working out the Truth for themselves. They’re no longer looking for the church experience because too many of them are being ran like businesses instead of GOD’s temples. (The Millennials) are disenchanted with the structural division. I believe people want and NEED to know the TRUTH and they’re seeking it! Through other means… Here’s a great link to exactly what I’m talking about! If you’ve ever listened to Pastor Francis Chan, You’ll respect what he has to say and know that he knows how to DELIVER the TRUTH! 

They’re proving that you don’t need to show up with a “Shirt and Tie” to show respect for GOD and Christ. JUST SHOW UP and worship HIM and His son! He loves us! Just love them back. Isn’t that what every parent wants from their children? If you think you would sacrifice for YOUR children, IMAGINE what GOD can/will do for HIS children (US).

GOD tells us to come to him as children. Are we? Or are we coming to the table thinking that we already know everything? GOD sent Christ to show us that we don’t know everything and that we need to learn and obey HIS laws. He states over and over that we are HIS children. Doesn’t that stand to reason that we should approach HIM as HIS children? Be respectful and treat HIM BETTER than you would your worldly parents?

The meaning of life…

Why are we here?

This life is a gift and a curse. When “The Event” happened where GOD cast out the evil from Heaven (The fallen Angels) “Big Bang”. HE spread HIS seed (US) across the universe. The BIG BANG that scientists talk about. They’re looking for the “GOD” particle through the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) but they can’t see the forest for the trees… They’re soo close to the truth, but they can’t accept GOD. That “Explosion” when GOD put down his foot and said “ENOUGH”!, caused that separation from each other. Now it’s time to bring US all back together… UNITED! People are starting to WAKE UP!

We’re living this life to be tested. We’re GOD’s children in training… You and I are Brothers and Sisters in Christ. The more we can resemble Christ, the closer we become. Don’t get me wrong here…

You can ask anyone I grew up with, I’m no saint! I’ve gone through my share of suffering and pain. That’s what it takes to become a BIGGER, BETTER, FASTER, STRONGER version of ourselves. I was weak when I was younger but this life has made me MUCH more stronger! I used to be shy (and still am sometimes) but I’m no longer afraid to act and speak my/GOD’s truth. We started as us version 1.0. Now we’re becoming US, version 2.0! We were made to be ABOVE the Angels. The fallen one’s and the one’s on our side.

I think we’re here to learn from each other and to teach each other. We learn love and hate from each other. Take the good and leave the bad. We all have good and evil in us. Sometimes the good wins, sometimes the evil wins. Which one do you feed?

I think GOD put US here to test us. Think about it. In the end, ONLY YOU will be held accountable for your actions in this life. This life will bring the true YOU out! And that’s how you’ll be judged. Again, I’m no saint. BUT, you don’t have to be! Accept GOD and Christ and you’re going to Heaven with the rest of us. Everyone should be the BEST they can be and that’s a personal journey for everyone. This is about a Personal Journey and Personal Relationship with GOD/Christ anyway…

So, in this life test, who will YOU worship? Buddha, Muslim’s version of god, or some other god? The bible says “Worship NO other GOD before me”. That statement, in itself, says that there are other gods. Pick one! Just don’t pick the wrong one…